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slash analysis part 1: the pilot. [Oct. 3rd, 2006|05:16 pm]
Smith Slash - Because Bad Boys (and Girls) Need Lo



so, I've decided to start a little slash analysis for the episodes of the show, in hopes of generating some more discussion, fic, etc. hopefully this can also be a resource for people who are interested in writing "Smith" fic. the posts will all be cut because of spoilers, and will be divided into sections: words (quotes), deeds (actions), sub/text (pretty much anything else - looks, clothing-sharing, environment, etc.), and canon (info we learn about the characters within each ep). please please add to these posts in the comments, and I will revise the post to include whatever anyone else comes up with. anyone is welcome to add to the discussion, you don't need to be a writer to join in, and I'm relying on other people to help out. also, I tend to be very Tom/Jeff-centric, as I see them as the primary slash couple on the show, and that's where my focus lies, but don't take that to mean that we can't include info on the other characters as well.


Tom: [to Jeff] "Are you living somewhere now, or are you still trying to find the prettiest girl left at last call?"

Jeff: "There's a job coming together."
Tom: "Is it a real job, or is it one of your 'we're getting it for real' bits of genius?"

Tom: "Where the hell have you been?"
Jeff: "I've been cat-sitting for a friend. This our new place?"
Tom: "Our new place?"
Jeff: "Yeah, it's nice."
Tom: "No pets."
Jeff: [laughs] "Don't do it again, man."
Tom: "Don't do what?"
Jeff: "Just don't. Do the job, and then you both go your separate ways until next time, okay? She's trouble. You know she is."


- Jeff picks Tom up when he's released on parole.
- The fight is preceded by a hug. Also, Jeff really enjoys the fight - he's grinning through the entire thing. Until Tom knees him in the balls, that is.
- Although we don't see it in this episode, it's presumed that Jeff is moving in with Tom.
- The first scene on the plane, when Jeff realizes that Tom is sitting directly across the aisle from Annie, with the pained glances and the mouthed "what?" from Tom.
- We find out why Jeff stole the cat - to wear Tom's ankle bracelet during the job, so he can leave town without alerting his parole officer.
- On the plane coming back from the job, Tom looks at Jeff before entering the toilet with Annie, and Jeff turns to stare at him walking back there to her.


- Jeff steals a car to go pick up Tom, and it's a "flash" car - he wants to impress him? He wanted to pick him up in something nice?
- The entire fight/reunion scene is basically _all_ subtext. There's a lot of physical interaction between Tom and Jeff, and it could be said it nicely sets up Tom's 'dominant' nature in their relationship. Plus, Tom's smoking at the end of it - I call foreplay, or the straight-boys' version of fucking.
- The boys drive together to the meet in the Corvette.
- There's no question about Jeff moving into Tom's place, no invitation. He doesn't even call it "Tom's place," it's _their_ place.
- Jeff spends a lot of his time with Tom warning him about resuming his relationship with Annie, and when the three of them are together he's very edgy and antsy around Annie, as if he can see the train wreck coming but can't do anything about it.


- Jeff's a surfer and a marksman. Both he and Tom apparently do munitions work on the jobs - they're both responsible for finding and detaining the guards at the museum.
- There was a bank job that Jeff "blew" all the money from, so he and Tom have worked together before.
- Tom mentions Jeff's itinerant nature - he doesn't have a permanent place, and (apparently) doesn't live anywhere in particular while Tom's in prison.
- Tom was in prison, although we don't know what for.
- Tom has a past, presumably sexual, with Annie, and Jeff doesn't trust her. Jeff believes that Tom shouldn't trust her, either, although Bobby mentions that Tom being in prison wasn't Annie's fault when he's asking whether or not Tom is comfortable doing the job with her on the team.

[User Picture]From: incredulity
2006-10-03 09:46 pm (UTC)
Awesome job Lucy! I may not be a write but I love to read tidbits o' info like this.
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[User Picture]From: minttown1
2006-10-03 10:10 pm (UTC)
This is an excellent resource. Thank you so much!
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[User Picture]From: alexandriabrown
2006-10-03 10:36 pm (UTC)
And you claim you aren't smrt! I'd add canon: that they go to the wedding together iirc.
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[User Picture]From: creedcascade
2006-10-06 06:07 pm (UTC)
I rememeber watching Smith, after saying I didn't want, and then watching the Tom and Jeff fight. I blinked... and had to watch it again... and again. Thank you VCR! I don't think I've ever seen anything as slashy as this series/pairing on mainstream tv in a long time. Tom is clearly Jeff's keeper and they have a long termy, dysfuctional relationship.
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