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Smith Slash - Because Bad Boys (and Girls) Need Lo

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welcome! [Sep. 27th, 2006|06:06 pm]
Smith Slash - Because Bad Boys (and Girls) Need Lo

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I might as well start things off, since I started the comm. please feel free to post anything slash-related to the show here, whether it be discussions of just exactly how long Jeff and Tom have been sleeping together, episode discussions of the many many ways Jeff loves Tom, recaps, slashy icons, slashy pictures, slash stories - pretty much anything about the boy-boy love (or girl-girl, if we get some more interesting female character interaction) is welcome here.

pictures and video clips are welcome, but please put large pictures under a cut (the comm maintainer - me - is stuck in the dark ages on dial-up most of the time). for stories or long articles, feel free to post them here under a cut, or post a link. please PLEASE put all episode-related SPOILERS under a cut as well - I'm Canadian, so I get to see the show one day before people in the US, and people in other countries who are relying on torrents and downloads will appreciate cuts for the squee as well.

and, since I'm not above self-pimping, I'll give you links to the two "Smith" slash stories I've written so far (both of them after having only seen the pilot, so be kind):

Candid - Tom/Jeff. Tom comes home and finds Jeff on his couch. Sexing ensues.

Predictable Behaviours - Tom/Jeff, Tom/Annie. Annie doesn't like to share, Jeff doesn't play fair, and Tom's caught in the middle. (don't worry, the het isn't too explicit.)

I hope there will be more posts soon, and I look forward to more stories! the show seems to be proving a hell of a lot of fodder - I have a ton of Jeff backstory in my head from what we've seen on-screen, and Tom's character is getting more complex, too.

and, of course, if you want to slash any other characters, feel free! Bobby's rather hot when he's manhandling his crew. :)
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